Espresso coffee MOAK, history of passion

Espresso coffee MOAK was made in 1967. City of Modica, in which MOAK was founded, was part of the largest civilizations over thousands of years of history - Motika for the Greeks, Motuca for the Romans, Mohac for Arabs. The company is still being led by the family of the founder, and all the raw materials are chosen on the specifically tracked plantations around the world which guarantees a special quality of coffee. Our company provides to its clients the complete machines for free usage and reparation service and delivery on an everyday basis.

MOAK Coffee Break


This blend of Robusta and Arabica has been developed for all people who need an energy boost in the morning, as well as a strong taste with which to start the day. The recommended dosage for one coffee is 7g.

MOAK Servito


Balancing in a special way Arabika and Robusta, a mixture of aromatic taste with bitter cocoa and an intense creamy structure was obtained. The recommended dosage for one coffee is 7g.

MOAK Brasilea


Various coffee from different countries meet in this blend of special taste with sweet, chocolate and honey notes. The taste is complex and lasts few minutes after the consumation. The recommended dosage for one coffee is 7g.