Water Group
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About us

We are a Montenegrin company with a wide range of carefully selected products, intended for the Horeka market.

Our headquarters is located in Kolasin. We are also available in Podgorica, Ulcinj and Kotor, where our sales and distribution centers are located. We have been in the market since 2006, when we started producing the spring water Suza. We have a specially trained team and 20 specialized vehicles, which enable us to guarantee a high quality service.

Water Rada

At the end of the 19th century, citizens of Bijelo Polje recognized the beneficial effects of the natural mineral water RADA, which springs in the place called Čeoče.
To make as many people as possible discover and enjoy its extraordinary taste, RADA starts to be bottled back in 1984.
RADA belongs to the group of Sodium-Calcium-Hydro carbonate-sulfate, cold mineral waters.

Spring water Suza

Suza comes from the heart of the untouched Montenegrin nature - the National Park Biogradska Gora. It is characteristic by the specially monitored way of bottling that guarantees the quality of water from the spring to the consumer. Spring water Suza is low-mineral water with a small amount of dissolved mineral substances which does not disturb the organism and therefore it is the perfect choice for children, pregnant women, adults, professional and recreational athletes.

MOAK espresso coffee

MOAK coffee is among the top 10 best-selling coffee in Italy. From a wide range of Moak products, we selected two blends of Robusta and Arabica coffee - Coffee Break and Servito, as well as a specialized blend - Brasilea

Tchibo products

Tchibo family contains a wide range of products of all types of coffee (espresso, instant, filter), tea, milk, hot chocolate ... In all product groups Tchibo offers different brands that can satisfy all customers needs with their quality and price.

Hot beverages for hotels

The best global brands Tchibo and Ristora satisfy different clients’ needs and all requirements of the guests by offering various choice of beverages – instant, espresso and filter coffee, tea, milk and hot chocolate.

Cold beverages for hotels

The perfect quality/price ratio, with different flavors selection of Italian producer General fruit, guarantees satisfaction of customers in the most prestige hotels.